In a world where citizens are experiencing frustration, confusion, dis-empowerment, and economic struggles; where stories of corruption and blurred ethical lines fill our airwaves; where individuals are witnessing countless tragedies and asking “why?”

… those who spend their lives examining the questions that have the power to help and to heal humanity are being continually asked to justify the choice.

The Humanities: Languages, literature, the arts, history, cultural studies, philosophy and religion.

Some claim they have no economic value and are therefore useless.

Students are told to think twice about the humanities because they lack earning potential. Some students in the near future may be charged higher tuition for choosing to study humanities subjects that are not deemed to have a “high return on investment” for the economy.

Others defend these subjects by citing the writing and critical thinking skills that students acquire during their studies.

But the choice to pursue one of these subjects does not deserve to be under attack. The evidence of the worth of these disciplines continuously appears before us.

Day after day these subjects are drawn upon to answer our biggest questions, develop strong strategies, inspire us to greatness, enable us to bridge cultural divides, move our hearts, keep us honest, and push us forward towards the choices that will make for a better world.

We need the humanities. We need history.


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